My 5th novel…

It’s hard to believe that I will soon complete my 5th novel, after a decade of writing first the three novels of “The Cryptids Trilogy”, and then “The Shroud”. I have so many other books at various stages of completion, but this project is one that has been building like an unvented steam kettle. I have to let it out, and get it done. I have been through a number of changes in my life in the past 6 months, all of them leading me to a new chapter. Friends, family, work, school and play have all combined into a world unlike any I have ever known before.

I hope you will make yourself known, and drop me a line whether or not we have met or corresponded, in the past. Compared to my days of writing and performing music in concerts and on television, this is a far more involved, less interactive media. I can write a 125 word song in a couple of hours, but a 125,000 word novel takes months of research, planning, outline, writing, editing, proofing, marketing and promotion. Not to mention, all of the formatting and design of the layout and cover. While I firmly embraced the eBook media in all its channels and forms, I still like to create the physical book, which allows me greater creative freedom to add special fonts and graphics to the one-piece binding and covers.

I also do this work for both individuals and larger publishing houses that would be instantly┬árecognizable, if I were to name them. I am looking forward to repeating the success of my previous novels with my brand new title, which unfortunately is still under wraps. Call me a little distrustful, but a major newspaper syndicate “borrowed” a comic strip I developed and had one of their staff cartoonists come up with their own variation. This, after I was sent a 3 page rejection letter by the number 2 person in new acquisitions.

I am looking forward to mixing it up again with bigger, more established names, when the new book is released, as well as the incredible talents that the digital explosion of Kindle and Nook have enabled. I always knew they were at there, and their pulp-style fiction is much more accessible than my deep research laden tomes. I have sold thousands for books in both paperback and eBook form, but it is always the next novel that gets me excited to be involved in the process. It has brought many new and wonderful friendships as well as collaborations, and I am grateful for each and every one of them. Mostly, I appreciate the ongoing support and encouragement of my readers.

May you always be there to keep me on the straight and narrow, and I will always strive to give you a better read than the last.


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The new

After years of creating and maintaining my own web site and domain from scratch, I have decided to turn over some of those responsibilities to others, including utilizing the well-known and SEO-optimized WordPress blogging giant. As an author, lecturer (now collegiate professor), radio and television host, my life has gotten too busy to do anything but write and reconnect with the readers that have always been my greatest passion about the publishing business.

I am currently at work on my latest thriller, which involves a mystery so palpable and controversial, and yet no one has ever undertaken it as a theme for a novel. “The Shroud”, my 15th-century conspiracy novel which became a bestseller nationwide, broadened my roots and fan base as a researcher into paranormal and supernatural subjects beyond the cryptozoology that I am perhaps best known for.

In the months and years ahead, I hope to be able to stay in closer contact with you, through all the tools that this new web site offers me. Tweeter, Facebook and RSS feeds aside, they are only a means to an end. The one element that has been missing, since I undertook the task of writing a novel as deep and once again authentic as to every facet of the history and religion involved, was you. I am looking forward to hearing more from the thousands who have taken the time to read my work.

To that end, I hope to hear from you soon. I write because I love to do so, not for any sense that I would consider myself successful simply because my books sell well, or that I garner rave reviews. My readers have always been brutally honest with me, and I appreciate that. I would prefer to know that what I write educates as much as entertains, as I begin a new phase in my life to become a professor. In this day and age, if you have a story a story to tell, whether it be fact or fiction, by all means, set it all down and share it!

I don’t measure what I do against any standard but my own. I always want to grow, and to outdo only myself. I am encouraged and supported by other writers, radio and television personalities who have expressed an interest what I do, but I have never asked for their endorsement. The only recommendation I want for the novels I write is your continued interest in what I do. As long as I feel that you are looking for another tale about Ian McQuade, Nathan Archer, Darcy Meadows or any of my other characters, I will be here to answer the question, “What comes next?”

To that end, I have to get back to work on my fifth novel. With any luck, it will do as well as the others have done. Now, in my tenth year as an author, I have the opportunity more than ever to reach more of you outside of my books, than ever before. So please, come back soon and often, and subscribe to whatever list or page of mine will allow us to get to know one another better.

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